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January 1998 Stories
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The following stories appeared on the Potomac KnowledgeWay's "Regional News" page during January 1998.

All links within stories are verified at the time of publication, but some may have changed or no longer be available.

MCI Center Features Multimedia Kiosks

January 30, 1998 - The MCI Center, in Washington, D.C., features a network of multimedia, touchscreen kiosks that provide information on the teams, current scores and stats as well as information about the Center and its surrounding neighborhood. In addition, videos of current game highlights, stars and interviews are available, and fans can send an e-mail to the team, or to anyone on the Internet. The kiosks also interact with each other by enabling users to challenge each other to a trivia game where the two can play interactively. Visit the MCI Center Web site for more information on the Center. Launches Politics Site

January 29, 1998 - recently redesigned the Politics section of their Web site. The site features political coverage from the Washington Post; online commentaries and analyses; and reader discussion areas. In addition, visitors may take quizzes to test their political knowledge and use the polltaker feature that enables them to answer poll questions and compare their responses to other respondents.

KnowledgeWay Names Chief Executive

January 29,1998 - The Potomac KnowledgeWay Project today announced that current board member Fred Bollerer will assume the newly-created position of president and CEO. Dr. April Young will leave her position as executive director but will continue as a board member and serve as a consultant to the KnowledgeWay. Bollerer will assume many of Dr. Young's responsibilities and expand the KnowledgeWay's role in positioning the Greater Washington region as a global center in the digital age. See the KnowledgeWay's press release for more information.

Hang Out on the Sidewalk

January 28, 1998 - Sidewalk, an online guide to arts, entertainment and recreation, recently launched its Web site for the Greater Washington area. Washington.Sidewalk includes a calendar of events; movie reviews, locations and times; and a restaurant guide. In addition, visitors may customize Sidewalk and receive a home page selection of the restaurants, events and activities of interests to them. Visitors may also sign up to receive a weekly e-mailing of events and other happenings geared to their specific tastes. Visit Washington.Sidewalk for more information.

Food Safety Partnership Launches Web Site

January 27, 1998 - The Partnership for Food Safety Education, a coalition of industry, government and consumer groups, has launched the Fight BAC! Web site. "BAC" is short for bacteria, and the site provides information for consumers, health professionals, educators and the media about preventing foodborne illness. The site also contains the television public service announcement featuring an animated "BAC" character as well as links to partnership members and additional resources. The Fight BAC! Web site was produced by Glick & Schneider a Washington, D.C.-based firm offering site design, production, maintenance and server packages.

KnowledgeWay's Roadmap Connects Businesses

January 23, 1998 - By researching the Potomac KnowledgeWay Project's Roadmap of Resources, Watkins, Meegan, Drury & Company, L.L.C. (WMD&Co.), of Bethesda, MD, selected Telematique Consulting, L.L.C. to design their Web site. WMD&Co.'s site includes links to online resources for the nonprofit, government contracting and construction sectors, and features downloadable spreadsheets to assist hi-tech government contractors. In addition, visitors may sign up for complimentary subscriptions to WMD&Co. publications such as "The Contractor's Edge" and the "Not-for-Profit Advisor." Telematique, based in Arlington, VA, provides Internet development and consulting services including Web site design and maintenance. To register your organization in the Roadmap of Resources, visit the KnowledgeWay's home page and click on "Register."

Offices By-the-Hour Available

January 21, 1998 - The Executive Office Club, in Washington, D.C., provides facilities and services including meeting and multimedia conference rooms, secretarial assistance, computer stations and office equipment for a fee. The workstations are equipped with a computer, printer, Internet and e-mail connections. In addition, a range of "expert on demand" services are also available, such as accounting and public relations. Visit the Executive Office Club Web site for more information.

Highway Safety Campaign Web Site

January 20, 1998 - The U.S. Department of Transportation, Federal Highway Administration, Office of Motor Carriers recently launched the Don't Hang Out In The No-Zone! Web site of the No-Zone Campaign. "No-Zones" are the danger areas, such as blind spots, around trucks and buses where crashes are more likely to occur. The site features a digital postcard visitors may send from the Zone Ranger, a downloadable No-Zone Game and information on attending or sponsoring a No-Zone event. The No-Zone Web site was developed by Glick & Schneider of Washington, D.C.

Community for Small Businesses

January 19, 1998 - The SOLFESS Online Community is a network of business professionals who use the Internet and World Wide Web to increase their business image and revenues. SOLFESS (Small Organizations Looking For Electronic Sales Support) was founded to meet the needs of small business professionals who were seeking help and support concerning Internet marketing. For a fee, members have unlimited Internet and e-mail access; receive consulting services on Web site development and maintenance; and may attend meetings to develop online marketing skills. In addition, members may display their business card information on SOLFESS' Web site.

City of Fairfax Recognized

January 16, 1998 - The City of Fairfax recently received the National League of Cities' 1997 Innovation Award: Connecting Citizens and their Government. To be considered for the award, jurisdictions had to demonstrate a commitment to strengthen democracy at the local level by connecting citizens and their government and by creating a community that encourages participation and responsibility. Some of the programs initiated by the City of Fairfax include the installation of network computers in every city student's home and the development of the City-Tech Center, an information technology and training facility available to city residents free of charge.

Siliconindia's Free Offer

January 15, 1998 - Siliconindia, a business and technology magazine for professionals of Asian-Indian origin, is offering a free subscription. The magazine provides information, news, analysis and opinion on business and technology in India and the United States. In addition, siliconindia is a forum for Indian professionals to interact, exchange information, develop business relations and share industry expertise. Visit their Web site for more information and to browse selected articles of the current issue.

Internet Executive Summit

January 14, 1998 - The Internet Executive Summit, Washington, D.C., is scheduled for February 3-4. The Summit will set the agenda for reform of the Domain Name System and commercial management of the Internet. In addition, the Summit will enable business leaders to participate in formulating the private sector initiative. Ira Magaziner, President Clinton's domestic policy development advisor, will address the Summit and outline the US Government's position on electronic commerce and reform of the Domain Name System. Visit the Internet Executive Summit Web site for more information and to register.

Frost Miller Group Launches Web Site

January 13, 1998 - The Frost Miller Group, Inc. (FMG), a marketing design and communications firm based in Bethesda, Maryland, recently launched its company Web site. The site contains information on FMG's services and a list of clients. In addition, visitors may view samples of work such as Web sites, publications and logos that the FMG has produced. Visit their Web site for more information.

Resource for Nonprofits Updated

January 12, 1998 - The Benton Foundation has recently updated their "Best Practices Toolkit," a list of tools to help nonprofits make use of communications and information technologies. The online list includes links to resources ranging from fundraising and technical assistance providers to discussion lists and electronic newsletters. The Benton Foundation, based in Washington, D.C., seeks to shape emerging communications environment and to demonstrate the value of communications for solving social problems. Visit their Web site for more information.

Telecomm Professionals Needed

January 9, 1998 - Researchers at the Department of International Business, in the School of Business and Public Management at George Washington University are looking for decision-makers who have participated in the creation of an alliance with an international company. The study focuses on the broad area of collaborations and alliances among international firms and organizations in a variety of fields, including telecomm. Researchers hope to show what makes for a successful alliance with an organization from another country. Visit the Capitol Telecomm Professionals Web for more information.

Telematique Launches Web Site

January 8, 1998 - Telematique Consulting recently launched a Web site for emmet swimming, a Fairfax, Virginia folk-rock band. The site includes a bio on each of the band members; a discography containing sound clips and track listings; and a section for fans to ask questions or give comments about the band. In addition, visitors may subscribe to emmet swimming's mailing list and purchase tee shirts and emmet CDs online. Telematique, based in Arlington, Virginia, provides Web site design and maintenance and advice on emerging technologies.

Personal Intelligence Service Available

January 6, 1998 - Inquisit, Inc. is currently offering a 14-day free trial of its subscription-based personal intelligence service for business professionals. Subscribers to the service set up personal agents to track such information as people, products, companies and topics that interest them. The agents search Inquisit content sources for articles that match the specified criteria and deliver it to the subscriber's e-mail. In addition, subscribers may earn 500 frequent flyer miles or points toward hotel stays and car rentals for each new subscriber they refer. Visit Inquisit's Web site for more information and to register for the trial.

Local Nonprofit Launches Magazine

January 5, 1998 - The Enterprise Foundation recently launched Horizon Magazine, an online publication dedicated to helping people learn about and discuss the challenges and successes in American cities. The site includes a discussion forum, an interactive poll and a section where visitors may read other readers' comments on topics addressed in recent publications. The Enterprise Foundation, based in Columbia, Maryland, is a national nonprofit housing and community development organization.

ComNet '98, Washington, D.C.

January 2, 1998 - ComNet '98 is an industry event for builders, buyers, planners and managers of enterprise networks. The conference program features industry experts conducting sessions that include case studies, hands-on demonstrations and solutions to networking communication problems. The expo celebrates its 20th Anniversary in Washington, D.C. with a special conference discount of $100 for registrations received before January 12. ComNet will take place January 26-29 at the Washington Convention Center. Visit their Web site for more information and to register online.

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